Gotta Have It!

Gotten into Daizy Stripper too...there was another part of the MJP website called "Gotta Have It!" featuring Daizy Stripper and each volume they tell you gatta have I guess, lol. It's a great read and I'm sure if you're a fan you'd enjoy it :P

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:) Happy Halloween Bitches

P.S. I got on my sewing machine and made something amazing, but I dont have my camera on me so I'll see if i can get a picture tommorrow
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Behold! I'm alive!
I wanted to write here, but I'm not used to writing on an LJ.
I should actually get off soon because I need to read over Poli Sci because HOPEFULLY I didn't miss anything while I "skipped for Super Tuesday" (actually I was cramping so bad that I didn't want to move)

But for a refresher, (besides the little news things I send via texting)
I'm doing fine, still looking for a job, don't have a date for Valentines ( So freakin nervous to ask anyone out :( )
I feel bad for STILL not finishing everyone's gifts, but I had to make myself not touch the sewing machine for awhile because I'm gutting out my room, selling clothes *tear tear* and painting the other room *I'm thinking either purple or pink, lawls*
So ani, sorry, the detailing has got to wait D: *feels extremely bad*
But it looks supercute I swear!
I was invited by Holly to be a hair model, but my mom flipped a casket since I had to cut at least 2 inches of hair...its just so frustrating!! I NEED to cut my hair!! I have BAD split ends.. but whatever, I can have a million tats, peirces all over my face, but the cutting is just not going to happen.
Speaking of pericings, I'm seriously thinking of a monroe!! I think that would be the cutest!

And the best thing is I talked to sensei and the Kiryuu people are coming here again so I get to sponser a Japanese college student for 6 days! How exciting! It'll be that week when I'm in TOC and the speech contest in Japan Bowl, if I win, it's a free trip to Japan!

Sorry I'm not really going in detail, but I have been flooding myself in studies, I'm trying hard to get straight A's and hopefully get in the Deans List 8D

So Love You Guys, Be Safe, Stay Cool, Party Like A Conservative Rockstar!
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